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Why would I want a Transition Study?

Transition Studies are crucial evaluations conducted during the phase when control of a newly constructed or significantly renovated property shifts from the developer to the homeowner association (HOA) or a similar governing body. This detailed assessment focuses on identifying any deficiencies or construction defects in common areas and shared components of the property, ensuring that all construction is completed in accordance with the agreed-upon standards and specifications. The primary goal of a Transition Study is to protect the interests of the property owners by providing a factual basis for addressing any issues with the developer before the final acceptance of the property. It enables the HOA or governing body to make informed decisions regarding the acceptance of the property and facilitates the negotiation process for repairs or financial compensation for unresolved defects. Additionally, Transition Studies serve as a preventive measure against future unexpected expenses related to construction deficiencies, helping maintain the property’s value and ensuring a safe, compliant, and fully functional living environment for all residents. By systematically documenting the condition of the property at the time of transition, these studies play a vital role in the successful handover and long-term sustainability of community properties.

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