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About Global Solution Partners

What’s different about Global Solution Partners?

That’s easy.  We’re responsive.  We respond immediately (within 48 hours if all necessary property and financial data is included) to requests for proposals, questions about the proposals and questions after the report is delivered are addressed professionally.   Our responsiveness is unsurpassed in the industry.  We value our relationships and pride ourselves in an expedient, pro-active communication.

What is a Reserve Study?

A Reserve Study is primarily used as a financial planning tool to assist in developing an organization’s capital expense budget.

In order to preserve property values within a community it is necessary to repair or replace major common-area components such as roofs, boilers, elevators, balconies, seawalls, asphalt surfaces and more.

This requires an organization to put aside or “reserve” funds for these future expenses. A properly developed Reserve Study offers a funding plan to be used in the annual budgeting process. The time frame for projections made in the Reserve Study is called the “Study Period” and is typically 30 years.

A Reserve Study is for the purpose of creating a capital funding plan for your community and uses current and future assets to plan for the upkeep and maintenance of your community.

How do you determine the costs for Reserve Study items?

We use and rely on various sources. We rely on actual bids that the association has obtained, our local expertise, and national cost estimators and our proprietary database that is privately owned.

Adjustments to Reserve Study reports

Our differentiator is all about the service.  We work in collaboration with the Property Manager and their Board of Directors to make sure we get you a usable tool for a budgeting process.  We’ll package the study; forward it to you for review with the association board.   If there are any questions or revisions necessary we will expediently address them.   We understand that there may be revisions that need to be made as part of the process.  We do ask that you review the report first and ask for all revisions at the same time.  Request for revisions should be submitted within 60 days. We typically have revised reports delivered within 2 weeks of receiving feedback.

How is the report delivered?

It’s delivered electronically as a link to a pdf. Hard copies can be delivered upon request.

How is the Inflation rate & interest rate calculated?

If you have an inflation factor you prefer just ask us to include it.

Inflation stands at a steady 2.57% but can be customized at the client’s request. Our calculation method draws upon a comprehensive average derived from the data of the past three decades, ensuring a thorough and reliable analysis. This figure is meticulously updated on an annual basis, precisely during the first quarter, to provide you with the most accurate reflection of the evolving economic climate.

The default interest rate is 0.5 but can be adjusted by investment history.

Do you have a minimum dollar amount on items you look at?

We typically set a minimum dollar threshold to use as a guideline in determining what will be included.  The industry standard is $1000 and over.  That amount is community dependent. Some larger communities it may be as high as $10,000. If the community already has a number which they have been using and they are happy with it then we will use the same number. Otherwise, it will be set at $1000

How big is Global Solution Partners?

Over 10 years in business, we have grown exponentially over the last several years and is poised to have a record year.  We have over 70 team members spread nationwide.

Experience the unparalleled advantages of partnering with a global enterprise. With our widespread presence spanning across borders, you’ll benefit from the synergy of local expertise combined with the robustness of a multinational corporation. Our reach extends beyond national boundaries, ensuring that your project receives comprehensive support and resources tailored to your unique needs.

Moreover, we understand the significance of personalized service in a global context. That’s why we assign dedicated project managers to oversee your specific project, providing you with the personal attention and tailored solutions that foster success on a global scale. With us, you’re not just another client – you’re a valued partner, and we’re committed to ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.

The principals all have 30+ years industry experience.  We are CAI certified, and every Reserve Study is overseen by a Certified Reserve Specialist.  All team members receive ongoing training, support and oversight.

Can you ensure that lifespan estimates will be customized for our marine setting, avoiding irrelevant, generic data?

The replacement/maintenance costs assigned to components/systems within the study are based on multiple sources including: specific information provided by the client, professional experience, cost estimating guides, and Global Solution Partners’ proprietary database. Geographic location/environment is absolutely taken into consideration.