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Milestone Inspections


FLORIDA – At Global Solution Partners, we offer a comprehensive Milestone Building Safety Inspection Service, tailored to meet the latest legislative requirements for condominium and cooperative association buildings. Our service is designed to ensure your building complies with the new Florida Milestone safety inspection mandates, enhancing structural integrity and ensuring the safety of all residents.

A Milestone Inspection is a detailed structural assessment performed by a licensed Architect or Engineer. This thorough evaluation is essential for determining the overall safety and structural integrity of a building. During the inspection, the professional examines various key components such as foundations, load-bearing walls, beams, columns, and other structural elements.

The primary goal of the inspection is to assess whether the building’s structural components are in good condition and capable of supporting their intended loads safely. This includes identifying any signs of deterioration, damage, or wear that could compromise the building’s stability or safety over time.

The inspection also focuses on evaluating compliance with current building codes and standards. It aims to pinpoint any deficiencies or areas where improvements are needed to meet safety requirements.

Based on the findings, the Architect or Engineer will provide recommendations for necessary maintenance, repairs, or replacements of structural components. These recommendations are crucial for ensuring the continued safety and longevity of the building, as well as for addressing any potential hazards or risks identified during the inspection.


Our Milestone Inspection Service is mandatory for buildings that are three stories or higher. Buildings must undergo a “milestone inspection” performed by a qualified architect or engineer. The timing of these inspections varies depending on the building’s proximity to the coastline:

  1.  The initial milestone inspection must be completed before December 31, 2024
  2. Buildings Constructed Before July 1, 1992 (30 years old): If located within 10 miles of a coastline, a Milestone Inspection is required to assess structural safety.
  3. Buildings Constructed Before July 1, 1997 (25 years old): If located within 3 miles of a coastline, a Milestone Inspection is necessary to evaluate structural conditions and safety.

These inspections are important to identify any necessary maintenance, repairs, or replacements of structural components to ensure the building remains safe and compliant with regulations.

We ensure that all inspection report results are promptly provided. This service also extends to ensuring compliance with the contractual requirements for associations and community association managers

Our Milestone Building Safety Inspection Service at Global Solution Partners is designed not just to meet statutory requirements but to ensure peace of mind for all stakeholders, affirming that your property is safe, compliant, and prepared for the future.

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